Skiing: The second super G in Cortina for Riesch

Dvadsaťtriročná zjazdárka of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, recorded his fifth victory of the SP in his career, second in the super G. Thanks to Monday’s leadership was versatile Riesch got the first place in the evaluation of the discipline in the World Cup with 238 points profit. Leader of the overall standings An Austrian Nicole Hosp did not finish the race, but with 759 points maintained its first position. Its lead over Lindsey Vonnovou-Kildowovou that ended on Monday, the fourth, has already shrunk to just 26 points. Slovakian Veronika Zuzulová who did not start in Cortina, fourteenth with a total of 321 points.Just as Hospo did not see on Sunday the goal nor the victory of the Sunday Super G Austrian Maria Holaus.

Maria Riesch reached the 2340-meter long Olympia delle Tofane time 1: 25.73 min and Elisabeth Görglova from Austria surpassed her 4 hundredths, and Renate Götschl, 20th of a fellow countryman. “On Sunday I was disappointed in the 18th place, but today, in contrast to yesterday, much better conditions, for everyone the same.” The snow was tough and I used it.This season has already had to his credit four podiums, so everyone expected of me finally win, “said winning German.

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Acting world champion in the super G Swede Anja Pärsonová ranked only 12th place and lost the first rung in the assessment of this discipline in SP. Riesch has so far most successful vv 2003/2004 season, when he won three events SP in various disciplines – downhill and super G in Hause and slalom in the Finnish Levi. in addition, it was twice second, twice third in the overall reviews SP ended on a great 3rd place. Then he though persecuted and injured on the podium came only twice (the firstin the downhill at Lake Louise in December 2006 and 3rd in the super G at St. Moritz in December 2004). In the current season again drives great and the “case” has already built five times, while the balance is from 1 to 2 – 2


Women – Super G: 1. Maria Riesch (Nem.) 1: 25.73 min, 2. Elisabeth Görglová +0.04, 3. Renate Götschlová (both Rak.) +0.20, 4. Lindsey Vonn-Kildowová (USA) 0,21. 5. Britt Janyková (Kan.) +0.41, 6. Julia Mancusová (USA) +0.46, 7. Tina Maze (SLO.) +0.49 8. Fabienne Suterová (Switzerland.) +0.68 9. Marlies Schildová (AUT.) +0.70 10.Andrea Fischbacherová (AUT.) +0.84.

The order of the SP in the super G (after four races): 1. Maria Rieschová (Nem.) 238, 2. Anja Pärsonová (Swe.) 173 3. Julia Mancusová (USA) 170 4. Elisabeth Görglová (AUT.) 161, 5 Martina Schildová (Switzerland.) 159, 6 Renate Götschlová (AUT.) 156, 7, Emily Brydonová (CAN.) 154, 8 Nicole Hosp (AUT.) and the Britt Janyková (Kan .) both 140 10. Maria Holausová (Rak.) 118.

Overall standings in the SP (after 21 races): 1. Nicole Hosp (AUT.) 759 points 2. Lindsey Vonn-Kildowová ( USA) 733, 3. Maria Rieschová (Nem.) 713, 4. Julia Mancusová (USA) 679, 5. Marlies Schildová (AUT.) 615 6.Anja Pärsonová (Swe.) 603, 7. Elisabeth Görglová (Rak.) 591, 8. Tanja Poutiainenová (FIN.) 533, 9. Denise Karbon (Tal.) 519, 10. Renate Götschlová (Rak.) 411 .. . 14 Veronika Zuzulová (SR) 321

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