Technically, everything was the first one, Hrubeš said after the premiere of the video

The premiere of the video-leader in the first league was a success. At least according to the main character of the project, Roman Hrubeš, who was sitting behind the monitor during the 16th round between Sparta and Mlada Boleslav. He was particularly Energybet pleased that there was no technical difficulty.

“There has been no downfall, so from this point of view we can talk about the mark for the best,” said Hrubeš at a press conference after Sparta won 3-0. “Technologically everything worked out, preparations were taking place three hours before the game,” he added.

Since it was a premiere, he did not want to leave anything to Energybet chance. Therefore, the communication between the transmission wagon and the judges was insured by two other backup systems.

“We have chosen a three-way control, we have been in contact via the traditional communicators with the main referee, the second was the O2 TV internal communication system through which I was in contact with the fourth referee, and my assistant was also connected by a radio with a man at the screen near the field, Hrubes said.

A more prominent communication with Karel Hrubeš, the main referee, only needed one day to assure him that the ball had just crossed the line and the first Energybet goal scored Sparta correctly. “When a player reaches the goal, the video judge automatically examines the situation, in which case he may have doubts, especially if the goalkeeper with his body prevents the referee from viewing it, since the assistant’s signal was clear, it was a double check,” said Hrubeš.

“From the perspective of the main cameras it was not possible to confirm, but we had shots from the other two cameras behind the goal and according to one of them we decided,” he added.

The success of the premiere was important for the League Football Association to obtain permission from the FIFA and the International Regulatory Commission (IFAB) to make Energybet use of the video even in the spring part of the season.

“After the long months of preparation, we have reached the final, which is only the beginning for us, we can only do what FIFA and IFAB will allow us to do, whether they will be happy with our work and allow us another match. all in order to have a video in as many league Energybet matches as possible, “added Hrubeš.

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