The cursed city enjoys a sports fever. After the Cavaliers, the Indians also glow

Whatever the baseball finals will be, the year 2016 will be exceptional for Cleveland sports fans forever. The Industrial Center in the Ohio State has for decades been a sticker for a city in which fans are tortured. You would hardly find a place where they had to spend even more awful times. As if they had thirteenth every day. The euphoria of the great triumph in Cleveland had been waiting for 52 years.

Last time, in 1964, sports reporters reported to American football fans on the radio microphone: “Cleveland Browns are winning the Super Bowl!”

Since then, the city on the southern side of Lake Erie has been experiencing a poor half-century. The story of the sports hookers dragged on.Annoyed fans have fallen under their belt.

In 1987, the Browns in the Denver Final Conference lost at the end of the lead when quarterback Broncos John Elway showed the action within five minutes and two seconds of what the NFL fans know as “The Drive.” Elway overtaken the entire course with a series of fifteen events, and 37 seconds before the bookmakers comparison end of the game, he set off the touchdown. Denver then stepped into the Super Bowl.

A year later, Browns had a chance to retaliate. But this time, another shortcut prevented them from advancing. Fans later had to suffer the scathing departure of the owner with the team to Baltimore.And nowadays, Browns is one of the worst American football teams in the NFL every year.

The basketball NBA has long been different. Cleveland Cavaliers waited for a long time for 46 years of their existence. They had a strong team in 1989. But they stood up against Chicago Bulls with young Michael Jordan. And just coming out NBA Superstar executed a favorite of the famous “The Shot” in the last second of the decisive match.

Three years later, Cavaliers dropped out in the final of the conference, redeemed by Jordan and others.

Cavaliers lost the final in 2007 and after LeBron James’s sore departure in Miami, they produced a record series of 26 defeats . Upon his return, Cleveland’s curse broke.A year ago, he did not finish the final, but this year in June he could celebrate with a Golden State turn in 1: 3 to 4: 3.

“The curse is broken,” said NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Ohio governor John Kasich added: “From now on we can say that Cleveland is home to the champions.” By the way, in the same Cleveland Hall as basketball players at home and ice hockey players at the Lake Erie bet live Monsters, who a few days earlier triumphed in the AHL farm league. There was also the Czech striker Lukáš Sedlák.

The baseball players are now

1948 waiting for the World Series of Baseball Indians. Since then, three times (now for the fourth time) have won the American League, but have not managed the finals once. Last 19 years ago.In a 3: 3 match at the seventh, the decisive match against Florida Marlins wasted in the last, ninth shift of the lead 2: 1 and became the first in the history of the MLB, who lost the lead in the final inning of the World Series.

This year, the Indians, like James and others, have a great chance of breaking the curse. Although they lost two elite pitchers, the squatted team ran Boston Red Sox 3-0 and in the Toronto Blue Jays 4: 1 American League final.

There are no four victories to enjoy Cleveland’s earlier curse. >